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Focusing on your health and wellness in Battle Creek, Radiant Healthcare Physical Medicine located in Battle Creek specializes in providing wellness, pain relief, and medical services. Our goal is to provide both conventional and natural therapies that cater to our patent’s unique individual needs.

Radiant Healthcare employs a team of dedicated medical professionals that work to deliver the highest quality service in the physical medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation areas. With a focus on pain relief that includes back pain, knee pain, joint pain and even headaches, the Radiant Healthcare team helps you to find relief from pain, stress as well as to improve your health.

The Radiant healthcare staff custom designs medical services to meet the needs of each individual, rather than assign a cookie cutter health plan that really won’t work for you. The medical treatments include, but are not limited to use of holistic, natural and botanical methods designed to relieve you from your body pains, inflammations, and other ailments.

During rehabilitation, chiropractic care and massage therapy may be used to help to speed up your recovery period.

We realize that your mobility is very important, and our medical services are centered around the practice of freeing you from pain so that you are more mobile and have more energy in your life to do the things you love.

Why Radiant Health?

We, at Radiant Healthcare, are dedicated to providing you with the best medical services to free you from pain. We are committed to continuing knowledge, expertise and care and comfort of our clients which put Radiant at the forefront of physical therapy and natural medicines here in Battle Creek.


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